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Preparatory courses

Students interested in optimization should first take CS 524 and CS 525. After completing a good linear programming and optimization modeling course, students may take CS 728 (which emphasizes integer optimization) , or CS 726 (which emphasizes continuous, nonlinear optimization and could be taken with only a background in mathematical analysis).  CS 719CS 727, or CS 730 (prerequisite CS 726) are additional courses in the area.   Ph.D. students planning on taking their qualifying examination in this area should be familiar with the material in CS 524, CS 525, CS 726 and CS 728.  Students often find the material in CS 730 useful for the qualifying examination, but this is not required.  Master’s and Ph.D. students minoring in optimization should take CS 524 or 525 and at least one of the 700-level courses in the area.

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