Alexa AERO Science Applied Scientist Intern Summer 2023 (Deadline 4/30/23)

Job Title: Alexa AERO science applied scientist intern Summer 2023Employer: AmazonLocation: Flexible – Cities with Amazon OfficeDeadline: 04/30/2023How to Apply: Please send resume to for further steps

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Good analytics skills to analyze and derive insights from customer behavioral and utterance data
  • Solid theoretical foundation in machine learning, deep learning or large language model.
  • Fluent in Scripting language, Spark, Pytorch or Tensorflow
  • Good publication track record is a plus
  • Past experience in building large scale recommendation system, and advertisement system is a plus
  • Knowledge of using SageMaker or other Amazon AWS data or machine learning product or tools is a plus
  • Preferred: graduate degree in progress

Job Description (including full or part time; internship, temporary, or permanent position):

Alexa customers expect their devices to be proactive. Alexa Proactive and Experience’s mission (APEX) is to help Alexa customers stay informed and take action on the most important, urgent, and interesting topics in their lives, without them having to search or ask for it. Here are some typical proactive experiences and products:

  • Alexa Proactive notification delivers timely and helpful notifications to automate customers daily life e.g. “Your package has arrived” “Would you like me to adjust your volume each day? “
  • Alexa Suggest. In a conversation you asked Alexa to play a Taylor Swift song, Alexa may suggest to you “By the way Taylor just released a new album, do you want me to play?” if Alexa learnt you are an avid Taylor Fan.
  • Alexa Ambient Home Rotating Panel is a rotating panel of visual cards on Alexa Multi modal display screen, which cyclically plays cards about news, recipe, activity suggestions, interesting facts to catch your attention, provide convenience and enrich your daily life.

AERO (Alexa Engagement and Revenue Optimization) Science is responsible to develop the core science capabilities enabling providing personalized and relevant experience and content for the above products, and many other channels. As an applied scientist intern in AERO science you will have the opportunity to leverage and adapt state of art machine learning, deep learning, large language models, casual inference and reasoning technologies and technologies, to address the following science challenges:

  • Is this the best content available at this moment ?
  • Would customer have a preference for this content ?
  • Is now a good time to send this content ?
  • Which device should this content appear on ?