Volunteer Intern (Open Until Filled: Rolling)

Job Title: Volunteer Intern
Employer: 350 Wisconsin – CAMP
Location: Virtual
Deadline: ASAP – Rolling Deadline
Commitment Expectations: A few hours per week
How to Apply: Contact Timothy Chapman: camp-wi@truenym.net

About the Position: 
At present we are a 4-person team of volunteers forming a sort of skunkworks project within a larger climate-centered organization – 350 Wisconsin.

The mission of our group is as follows: The Climate Action Mapping Project of Wisconsin (CAMP-WI) aims to foster state-wide synergy across organizations focused broadly on climate action by providing a website that allows organizations and citizens to easily connect, coordinate, collaborate, and join existing climate-related initiatives in their area. We welcome inter-organizational cooperation across many topics, including but not limited to: energy systems, zero waste, sustainability, greenhouse gas.

While some amount of funding for this project is likely in the future, we are currently looking for people who will consider this primarily as an opportunity to learn leading-edge self-hosted enterprise-level social media software while contributing to a civic-minded collaboration to help save the world. Our goal is to provide an open-source cloud-based platform to enable up to several hundreds of similarly climate-interested groups to collaborate efficiently. We are evaluating Univention Corporate Server (UCS) (and its many useful plug-in apps) as the base.