Mainframe Internship (Deadline 12/31/22)

Job Title: Mainframe Intern
Employer: State of Wisconsin – Division of Enterprise Technology
Location: Remote, some in-person days may be required at 5830 Femrite Drive in Madison
Deadline: 12/31/22
How to Apply: By sending resume and cover letter to

About the Job: 

The mainframe environment hosts some of the most critical applications for the State of Wisconsin. Some of these vital applications include Kids Information Data system (KIDS) which administers child support, Client Assistance for Reemployment and Economic Support (CARES) which administers welfare to work programs, and the Department of Transportation’s Registration and Titling for the state’s drivers licensing and automobile registration. These applications require a highly available platform capable of processing large amounts of data with sub-second response times. The mainframe runs over a half a million batch jobs monthly, processes over 140 million transactions monthly, processes nearly one billion SQL database calls daily, creates 3,900 new reports stored using the electronic report distribution system daily, and stores on average five million new documents a month in its content management system.

The State of Wisconsin has the large enterprise class IBM mainframe hardware. The platform is connected to high performance disk storage and uses the latest virtualized tape environment. This hardware is all connected in a grid configuration across long distance fiber and wide area links. The platform easily processes big data at single digit millisecond response times.

Qualifications and Requirements:

The State of Wisconsin is looking for students who have a computer science background. They should know the basic concepts of computing, storage, and network. They must have an aptitude for technology and attention to details. They should have completed at least 72 credit hours of course work by the beginning of the internship. The State is looking for interns who are excited to learn new technologies and willing to learn from some of the top mainframe technicians.

Job Description:

This is a full-time summer internship and will provide an overview of the mainframe environment plus have an opportunity for hands-on training of internal operating components and installation of software products. The following is a brief outline of the internship:

  • Work with multiple highly senior staff one on one in specific IT related Mainframe areas
  • Internship course is 40hrs/week for 12 weeks during the summer months
  • Overview of the mainframe hardware components including memory utilization, work load management and performance measurement and analysis
  • Overview of the mainframe software components including applying maintenance, configuration and installation.
  • Gain knowledge of how to run jobs and tasks including batch processing, on-line transactions, scheduling
  • Online training of the different system components contained in over 70 modules with emphasis CICS, DB2, JCL, Utilities, TSO, SDSF and REXX Programming language
  • Opportunity to learn how the system is monitored
  • Learn how the systems are shut down and re-initialized
  • Learn to provide weekly project reports in a detailed business environment
  • Learn to collaborate with co-workers and gain experience for future work situations
  • Potential to assist and observe a disaster recovery exercise
  • Experience with building a technical project with guidance from subject matter experts
  • Experience presenting a technical topic to other State of Wisconsin staff members and receiving coaching/suggestions