Undergraduate Research Experience at The Informatics Skunkworks (Open until filled)

About The Skunkworks – Undergraduate Research Program

We would like to offer undergraduate students the opportunity to explore participating in research with the Informatics Skunkworks, a group dedicated to realizing the potential of informatics for science and engineering through undergraduate research. The Skunkworks is a chance to gain skills in research, advanced data science / machine learning, collaborative work, and specific science and engineering domains. No background is required, and everyone is welcome. However, to achieve our ambitious research goals participants are asked to work for about 10h/wk, ideally for multiple semesters if they find the work rewarding. Research credits (and limited funding in select cases) are available.

More information on the organization: https://skunkworks.engr.wisc.edu/

Projects presently available: https://skunkworks.engr.wisc.edu/projects/

For questions or to discuss participating:
Contact Dane Morgan <ddmorgan@wisc.edu> or Ben Afflerbach <bafflerbach@wisc.edu>. No need to contact us again if you are already participating and have a project.