Software Engineer (Open until filled)

Job Title: Software Engineer
Employer: Optiver
Location: Chicago, IL
Deadline: Open until filled
To Apply:


Our Software Engineers build proprietary trading systems which directly impact the financial markets. Our software engineering teams leverage technology to solve a variety of difficult problems. Our trading strategies must respond to market events in microseconds or less, and we automatically price large, diverse sets of financial instruments with extremely low error tolerance. We continually refine, store, and analyze terabytes of data produced by market activity and our trading systems. Our user interfaces must present coherent, responsive real-time visualizations of market activity and system performance while providing intuitive control of a highly complex system. Our core systems must provide a stable, performant, and trusted foundation on which our systems are built.


  • Strong engineering instincts and a deep understanding of computer science fundamentals
  • Experience writing software in C++, C#, C, or Java
  • A passion for clean code, simple well-architected systems and continuous improvement
  • Ability to collaborate with developers, traders, and business operations

Please reach out to Nicole with any questions at or on LinkedIn