Linux System Administrator (Deadline 11/19/21)

Job Title: Linux System Administrator
Employer: Space Science and Engineering Center
Location: Madison, WI
Deadline: November 19th, 2021
Apply: HERE

The successful candidate will have experience in Linux system administration; Linux system monitoring tools; Batch job management systems; Cluster file systems; Relational databases; Configuration management; and Python and Bash shell programming.  Bachelors degree is preferred.

The successful candidate will have experience with some of the following core technologies and a willingness to learn the others. Those tools include CentOS or Red Hat Linux, monitoring tools such as Grafana and Nagios, relational databases such as PostgreSQL, batch job managers such as Grid Engine and HTCondor, cluster file systems such as Ceph and Lustre, virtualization tools such as oVirt, Docker and Kubernetes, web servers such as Apache and NginX, and configuration management systems such as Puppet and Chef. Excellent communication skills, personal initiative and desire to solve problems and the ability to work well with others in a dynamic environment are required for this position. Previous experience with high performance computing systems in a scientific research environment is desirable.

Job Description
This position is located in the Scientific Computing Operational Area of SSEC. The successful candidate will work with a team using a high-performance data ingest, archive, and processing system as part of the NASA Science Investigator-Led Processing System (SIPS) for the Atmosphere discipline of the Suomi NPP Science Team ( The Atmosphere SIPS at SSEC is responsible for ingesting, storing, processing, and delivering data products from the VIIRS sensor onboard the Suomi NPP environmental satellite in earth orbit. The computer systems supporting this effort currently include more than 2500 CPU cores for data processing configured as a high-throughput computing system; more than 10 Petabytes of storage in a cluster filesystem, high performance networking, and a job management system controlled by a relational database. The Atmosphere SIPS currently ingests and produces more than 2 Terabytes of data per day for NASA. The position is a full time permanent position.