Full Stack Developer (Deadline 4/15/21)

Quiver Quantitative is a VC-backed FinTech startup making next-generation trading data accessible to everyone.

Since launching in February of 2020, we have grown to over 45,000 registered users and been featured on
platforms such as CNN, Bloomberg, Vice, and the Washington Post. We are now looking to expand our
small team to continue fueling our rapid growth.

Quiver scrapes alternative stock data from across the internet and aggregates it in an easy-to-use web
dashboard designed for non-professional investors. This allows retail investors to tap into the power of
big data, and access the same resources that are increasingly being used to drive investment decisions on
Wall Street.

We are seeking a Full Stack Developer, to improve the Quiver platform and bring groundbreaking new
investment tools and data to our users.

To apply: https://www.indeed.com/job/full-stack-developer-5efec99f6a1c4cf4.

Main Requirements
• 2+ years of experience in software development
• 2+ years of experience with Django
• Experience with React
• Proficient knowledge of JavaScript/Typescript
• Experience working with REST APIs
• Familiarity with native build tools like Xcode and Android Studio
• Postgresql/SQLAlchemy experience is a plus
• Experience with Plotly/D3.JS is a plus
• Knowledge of Git and related platforms (GitHub, GitLab, etc.)

• Develop a consistent UI/UX for the Quiver web platform
• Develop new, easy-to-use data visualizations and tools
• Introduce ideas, solutions and optimize existing applications
• Monitoring and implementing best practices
• Help recruit, vet, and onboard new engineers to the team

To apply: https://www.indeed.com/job/full-stack-developer-5efec99f6a1c4cf4.