Basic Record Engineer (Open until filled)

Job Title: Basic Record Engineer

Employer: TSMC

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Deadline: Until position is filled

Job Description: Full-time, permanent position

You’ll be using state-of-the-art technology to drive manufacturing excellence.

Toward this end, you will be defining SOPs, developing automatic solutions and ensuring systems upgrades that improve the efficiency and effectiveness for the Arizona Fab’s daily operation. To do this, you’ll work closely with the Semiconductor Production Team, Process Integration Engineers, Module Process Engineers and Software Development team. You will also coordinate production process optimization projects and lead assistant operators.

Your main responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

· Becoming the system sponsor of the IBM SiView “Specification Management” system and coordinating new requirement proposals, maintenance and function verification for new versions released to support Fab operations, manufacturing, logistics and engineering departments.

· Analyzing Fab business goals and turning these objectives, needs and concepts into practical strategies and concrete solutions development plans.

· Managing and supporting production process optimization-related projects.

· Delivering consulting project activities requiring varied interpersonal and technical skills.

· Leading and managing assistant operators to maintain process flow specifications.

· Defining SOPs and developing VBA/RPA/Java applications to improve the efficiency of process flow specifications while ensuring effectiveness.

· Providing on-call overtime support in urgent cases and on weekends.

· Scheduled night shifts and weekend on-call rotations in a 24/7 high-volume manufacturing environment.


· A minimum of a M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, MIS or related fields.

· Ability to perform out-of-box configurations of IBM SiView is a strong plus.

· Ability to learn and program in Java, JavaScript, Access VBA and SQL design.

· Excellent communication skills.

· Positive attitudes and willingness to learn.

· Ability to speak and write in Mandarin Chinese is a plus, but not required.

· A defined personal sense of responsibility to ensure the seamless processing of requests.

Work location: Arizona, U.S.A. (U.S. Fab)/Taiwan

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