Grad Student IT Support & Development (Deadline 9/30/20)

Job title: Grad Student IT Support & Development (PT, Remote)

Employer: The Partnership Charter Institute (TPCI) (Off-campus, non-UW job)

Location: All Remote (Business located in VA/DC-area)

Deadline: Sept 30th, 2020

How to apply: Please provide your resume, 2-3 references, and a cover letter via email to  (References will be called only after speaking to you.) Your cover letter should state (1) why this job would be right for you, (2) why your skills and expertise should work well for us, and (3) your desired hourly pay.

Contact person: Amy Gaeta,

Qualifications and requirements:


Education Qualifications: Working on a graduate degree in a computer technology-focused field, such as CS or IT.

Necessary Skills:

• Expert knowledge of all Mac, Google, and MS Office products

• Basic knowledge of HTML / CSS, JavaScript, or Python.

• Experience with quality assurance testing and app development in a team environment, preference for Selenium.

• Problem-solving abilities with a variety of software issues

• Strong written/verbal communication skills

• Must have the ability to commit to timely communication

• Experience with providing computer support, even informally, is a plus

Personal: Mature, smart, creative thinker, dependable, organized, positive, friendly, trustworthy, high standards, and professional (discretion and confidentiality are essential.) Able to work effectively with others on a small team. High conscientiousness, attention to detail, and accuracy important

Job description: 

A psychologist-entrepreneur and small team are looking for a graduate student to join us part-time, virtually helping with small-office computer issues and quality assurance testing, data input, and development as needed. When tech problems arise, or extra help is required with development, we need a reliable, knowledgeable person to consult via email and Zoom. This is an entirely remote position.

Schedule: Part-time, 10-25 hrs/mo. Highly flexible. Most support requests will occur during working hours, 9-5 PM from Monday-Friday. Emergency issues are expected to be rare, but occasional help may be needed on Saturday or Sunday. Less urgent projects and tasks can be carried out on your own schedule.

Pay: 17.50 per hour

Duties: Virtually assist a small group of entrepreneurs and their software developer. Duties fall into 2 different categories: (1) identify, research, and help resolve IT technical problems as issues arise; these will be related primarily to Mac (e.g., user issues, sharing, Apple Mail) and Google (Gmail, Google Drive, etc.) and (2) assist developer team wherever appropriate with quality assurance testing, data input, and development. The development team is creating a browser-based app to help business partners with their interpersonal and business relationships. The ideal candidate is a team-player who can collaborate and assist our interdisciplinary team in this large project. We’re looking for someone who can participate for an extended period if a good fit.

Benefits: Extreme flexibility. Gains experience providing tech support and assisting with app development. Work remotely. Wage increase possible depending on the ability to commit long-term and perform quality of work.