Postdoc and PhD positions, UW-Madison (available immediately)

Postdoc and Ph.D. positions (NIH funded) are available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Daifeng Wang ( ) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The positions will work on developing interpretable machine learning methods (e.g., multi-view learning, deep learning, representation learning) for analyzing multi-modal data, understanding functional genomics and improving phenotype prediction in the human brain and brain diseases. In addition, we encourage the researchers to test the methods on advanced computing environment such as quantum machines (e.g., IBM Q). The selected candidates will work in an interdisciplinary environment and have chance to collaborate with PIs from Waisman Center, UW-Madison and other top institutes.

The applicant should have background in computer science, bioinformatics, data science or related areas, and be skilled in programming (e.g., R, Python, Pytorch, Tensorflow). Prior experience on machine learning, software development is preferred. Prior background in neuroscience or genomics is a plus, but not required. Applicants are requested to send a CV to & . A Ph.D. degree and a list of 3 references are required for postdoc positions.

Dr. Daifeng Wang is an Assistant Professor in Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics and Department of Computer Sciences (affiliate). He is also an Investigator in the Waisman Center that aims to  advance knowledge of human development, developmental disabilities, and neurodegenerative diseases.