Programmer at UW-Madison (deadline 12/20/19)

Job Title: Programmer

Employer: Cardiovascular Biomechanics Laboratory in the UW Madison Biomedical Engineering Department

Location: 2153 Engineering Centers Building

Deadline: December 20, 2019

How to apply: send resume to

Qualifications: Students enrolled in a Computer Science, Engineering or IT related program with strong programming skills

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: technical expertise in C, experience with MATLAB, comfort with Linux and Windows operating systems, excellent problem-solving and debugging skills

Position Summary/Job Duties: Our lab has different legacy programs to analyze experimental data that are written in C that have not be actively utilized in a number of years. We are currently seeking a patient and resilient programmer to revive these programs and/or rewrite them. The overall goal is to create a user-friendly interface that allows a programming novice to run the various analysis tools with ease. Flexible hours make this position ideal for an BS or MS student seeking a part-time position that utilizes their coding skills.

Job description: part time, temporary

Anticipated start date: January 3, 2020

Anticipated end date: Ongoing

Anticipated hours /week: 10 – Negotiable

Schedule: Negotiable

Salary/Wage Rage/Lump Sum:  Depending on experience

Number of Positions: 1