U.S. Federal Trade Commission Technology Task Force Fellow Opportunity (Deadline 8/30/19)

U.S. Federal Trade Commission
Technology Task Force
Technology Fellow Opportunity

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently created a Technology Task Force (TTF)
dedicated to monitoring competition in U.S. technology markets, investigating any potential
anticompetitive conduct in those markets, and taking enforcement actions when warranted. The
task force will focus on complex technology-driven product and service markets and ecosystems,
including markets for online advertising, social networking, mobile operating systems and apps,
software, and online platforms. The task force has drawn experienced attorneys from throughout
the agency who are working closely with economists from the FTC’s Bureau of Economics. The
task force is now seeking to augment the team by bringing onboard a Technology Fellow to
provide technical assistance and expertise to support its investigations and enforcement actions.

The Technology Fellow will have a number of responsibilities relating to the task force’s core
mission of monitoring technology markets and enforcing the antitrust laws in them. Most of all,
we are looking for a vital member of the investigative team: someone who can work alongside
staff attorneys and economists to investigate claims of anticompetitive behavior in markets
where technology is a particularly important dimension of competition.

The Technology Fellow will help to analyze and evaluate the technical aspects of products and
services at issue in our investigations—the key business functions enabled by operating systems,
software, algorithms, database structures, API functions, and the like—to answer questions such
 Whether a particular business practice is likely or unlikely to harm competition;
 How a particular market functions from a technical perspective, and which kinds of
technical capabilities are important to competing effectively;
 How specific practices and product features may facilitate or impede competitive entry,
including, for example, access to APIs and data; and
 What remedies for restoring competition are technically feasible, and how to design and
implement such remedies.

Day-to-day, the Technology Fellow will aid in investigations by:
 Providing guidance and explanations about technologies to staff attorneys and economists
to help them understand key technical aspects of products or services at issue in an
investigation or litigation;
 Identifying, and helping to answer, key technical issues or questions upon which the
analysis of competitive effects may depend in investigations or litigated matters;
 Evaluating the plausibility of technical arguments or claims raised by subjects of an
investigation or litigation, or interested third parties; and
 Reviewing technical materials in document productions.

Our ideal candidate will be comfortable with common programming languages and frameworks,
databases, software, and operating systems behind online businesses, and—because this is a
dynamic field—be able to adapt quickly to changes in technologies. Advanced degrees in
computer science or related disciplines will be helpful but are not required. A successful
candidate could be an experienced software, process, or privacy engineer, product manager,
executive, or academic computer scientist.

Ultimately, the TTF is looking for someone driven to use his or her expertise to help ensure that
competitive technological innovation can continue to benefit consumers. If that sounds like you,
we would love to hear from you.

The Tech Fellow will serve for one year, with the potential for a one-year extension, in the
FTC’s Washington, DC, offices. Compensation commensurate with experience. Please contact
Daria Kun at (202) 326-3545 if you have questions about this opportunity. If you are interested
in this opportunity, please email a resume and cover letter to BCRecruit@ftc.gov, with the
subject line “TTF Tech Fellow,” by August 30, 2019.