Board of Visitors

The Computer Sciences Board of Visitors (BoV), established in 2006, is an advisory group of committed CS alumni and others closely affiliated with the department. Meeting twice annually and lending expertise throughout the year, this body of accomplished individuals works to advance and strengthen the CS department. Board members help the department identify needs, address challenges and plan for the future. The Board also forms a vital bridge between students, faculty, alumni and friends of the department, and between the university and the wider (and increasingly globalized) world. Some of our BoV members have taken a special interest in mentoring alumni interested in tech startups through organizations like the Badger Entrepreneurship Forum. Top BoV priorities include:

  • Helping address challenges facing the department and to advocate for the department
  • Reestablishing connections with Computer Sciences department alumni
  • Assisting in generating extramural funds to enhance the department's research and teaching mission
  • Assisting in developing strategies and to provide advice on ways to improve the Department’s quality and standing
  • Aiding the recruitment of top students and faculty
  • Providing a bridge between professionals and students

Faculty contacts:

  • Mark D. Hill, Computer Sciences Department Chair and Gene M. Amdahl Professor
  • David Wood, Alumni Relations Chair and Professor