Using Machine Learning to Better Understand and Manage Disease

Supervised machine learning methods infer models that map a set of input variables to an output variable of interest when given data sets consisting of such input-output pairs. The learned models can play important roles in lending insight into a problem domain and in making informative predictions. I will discuss several applications in which my group has developed and applied machine-learning approaches to help understand and manage disease processes.

Lei Kang PH.D. Final Oral Defense


Suman Banerjee (advisor), Professor, Computer Sciences
Mohit Gupta, Assistant Professor, Computer Sciences
Soyoung Ahn, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Yingyu Liang, Assistant Professor, Computer Sciences
Kassem Fawaz, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Software Engineer

Software Engineer

AGROGRAPH INC. is an agricultural technology company that delivers information products to the agricultural industry. Our services include field-level crop type identification and end-ofseason yield estimates derived from satellite observations. Agrograph is located in Madison WI.

Computer Lab Technician (volunteer)

Madison Senior Center Volunteer Job Description

Title: Computer Lab Technician (Unpaid)

Supervisor: Volunteer Coordinator/Office Manager

Commitment: 6 months minimum, once a month for a few hours or enough to check in on computers and fix issues relating to public usage.

Position Purpose: Serve as computer expert to the Senior Center public computer lab.


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