[pl-seminar] Synthesizing Proofs of Differential Privacy

Differential privacy has emerged as a promising probabilistic formulation of privacy, generating intense interest within academia and industry. We present a push-button, automated technique for verifying ϵ-differential privacy of sophisticated randomized algorithms. We make several conceptual, algorithmic, and practical contributions: (i) Inspired by the recent advances on approximate couplings and randomness alignment, we

Is this Data Science? Adventures in Metagenomic Data Analysis

High-throughput sequencing of microbial communities allows researchers to characterize associations between the host microbiome and health status, detect pathogens, and identify the interplay of an organism’s microbiome with the built environment. Recent highlights include work on the specificity of the human skin microbiome, the diversity in the ocean microbiome, and a catalogue of the global virome. Effective data analysis tools and appropriate statistical models for this type of data are vital to derive and communicate actionable insights from these experiments.

Developing and Applying Novel Computational Methods to Understanding Metabolomic Data Sets in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Stemina Biomarker Discovery through its neurological disorders division, NeuroPointDX, is conducting the largest clinical study of the metabolism with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) ever conducted. ASD is highly heterogeneous syndrome which has never before been subtyped based on metabolism. The 1,000 subject Children’s Autism Metabolome Project (CAMP study) is designed to validate a panel of metabolic subtypes of ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders to allow earlier diagnosis and more precise treatment based on the child’s metabolism.

Biomedical Informatics and Precision Medicine Are Laying the Framework for the Next Generation of Discovery

It is an opportune time to be engaged in the research and application of informatics in biomedicine. The increased use of electronic and personal health records and personal mobile devices is creating many opportunities at research academic medical centers. At the University of Washington, we are laying the ground work to build the informatics and information technology infrastructure to support research on personalized approaches, and we are beginning to see the early successes of these efforts.

IT Help Desk Support

The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) is currently recruiting for two IS Technical Services Senior positions, to serve as members of the Customer Support Unit. The positions are headquartered in downtown Madison, close to Monona Terrace, the Capitol, and State Street. WDVA is dedicated to providing services to Wisconsin veterans and their families. Come join our quality team!

Position Summary:

2017 Technology Entry-Level Program

At Liberty Mutual, technology isn't just a part of our business, it's what drives us forward. We deliver our customers peace of mind every day by helping them protect what they value most. Our passion for placing the customer at the center of everything we do is driving a transformational shift at Liberty Mutual. Operating as a tech startup within a Fortune 100 company, we are leading a digital disruption that will redefine how people experience insurance.

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