Database Group

Welcome to the database systems group of the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We have been conducting database related research since 1976 and are considered to be one of the best database groups in the country. We work on a variety of research topics including building next-generation database systems, data integration, data science and database theory. Learn more at

Wisconsin Multifacet Project

The Wisconsin Multifacet Project seeks to improve the multiprocessor servers that form the computational infrastructure for Internet web servers, databases and other demanding applications. Work focuses on using the transistor bounty provided by Moore's Law to improve multiprocessor performance, cost and fault tolerance, while also making these systems easier to design and program. Dr. Mark Hill and Dr. David Wood lead the project.

WiNGS Lab @ UW

The Wisconsin Wireless and NetworkinG Systems (WiNGS) Laboratory was established at UW-Madison in summer 2005. Research in the WiNGS lab is conducted in the areas of networking and distributed systems, with a primary focus on wireless and mobile networking. Research activities in the lab span a diverse set of activities, ranging from algorithmic design and analysis, and systems building through functional prototypes.

Vertical Research Group

The Vertical Research Group explores computer architecture, VLSI technology and semiconductor manufacturing processes with a vertically integrated approach. Changing technology constraints are leading to a scenario in which current techniques for building processors simply won't work. Emerging applications provide an opportunity to think in a fundamentally different way about how we build processors. We will explore techniques to build high-performance processors that can operate under future technology constraints of reliability and energy efficiency.


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