Identifying Adverse Drug Events in Observational Medical Data

Adverse drug events (ADEs) are a grave problem facing medical care. The Food
and Drug Administration places ADEs as the fourth-leading cause of mortality
in the U.S., where they harm more than two million people and cost $136
billion in additional care each year. Researchers have responded by
developing computational versions of epidemiological study designs and
analyses, but machine learning techniques have not yet been widely applied.

From Papers to Products: Open-source Research Projects, Startup Companies

Apache Spark is an open source software project that began as research in the UC Berkeley AMPLab. Over the last four years, Spark has grown to be one of the largest open source communities in big data, with over 120 developers and 30 companies contributing, the latest release alone had contributions from 83 people. Spark is a unified platform with an interactive shell, a clean API, a distributed in-memory computing engine, stream processing components, interactive SQL support, as well as libraries for machine learning and graph computing.


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