CS Distinguished Lecture Series: Reflections on 20 Years Doing HCI Systems Research

Abstract -- In 1994, I started building interactive systems and while more of the programming is now done by my students than me, I can not resist the thrill of designing and building something that solves real problem or explores new ways of interacting with data. Even after building over a dozen major systems, I continue to struggle with what I find to be an impedance mismatch with systems building and the world of academia. I have managed to have some level of success, but in many ways, it was through a matter of luck and timing.

ICANN and Global Internet Governance

Abstract: From economic development to free speech, the Internet has transformed how contemporary society communicates and grows. Events this year; however, have presented new challenges and opportunities for stakeholders across the world. The presentation "ICANN and Global Internet Governance" will cover the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), its functions, as well as current hot topics in Internet governance, including the transition of the U.S.


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