Theory Seminar: Minimizing the Expected Cost of Evaluating Boolean Functions

Consider the following problem: A company produces units of a product that undergo tests before being shipped. Individual tests have different costs, and test outcomes are binary. Certain combinations of test outcomes disqualify a unit from being shipped, and testing of the unit can stop as soon as such a combination is detected. Determine the optimal order in which to perform the tests so as to minimize expected testing cost.

From Legacy Monoliths to Micro Services: Creating Resilient, Self-Healing, Polyglot Services as Building Blocks

“Micro services” refers to modernization of legacy processes with fundamentally enhanced resiliency and monitoring. How do we build a micro services ecosystem with the right frameworks that interact seamlessly and have the right fault tolerance built-in with data available for reporting, auditing, alerting and monitoring? Our seminar will overview our new micro services ecosystem for credit card acquisitions, a real-world solution to this problem in the context of Fintech.

VMware Information Session

Please join VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business
mobility, as we partner with UW - Madison CS and CE departments to discuss how we are accelerating our customers approach to a Software Defined Data Center

We will be hosting an Information Session and Tech Talk that delves into our various business units, unique Intern and New Graduate opportunities and what it's like to work at VMware. Come meet our engineers and UW - Madison alumni to take your first step toward an exciting career in the ever-changing world of high tech.


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