Codecinella Tech Interview Sprints

Interviewing can be stressful. Come practice your interview skills with local
professional women software developers. We are not recruiters, we are not
representing our companies or hiring. As your peers we hope to give you some
practice with a technical interview and feedback on your resume. Bring at
least three copies of a current resume. Volunteers will give you feedback on
your resume as well as on your interview.

The spirit of this event is to practice interview skills in a supportive
environment. Please no recruiters.

Grace Hopper Prep Workshop

- Brief overview of Liberty Mutual and positions we're recruiting for
- "Plan/Prepare/Perform" themed activities and action items for attendees
- Giveaways to attendees will include tote bags, padfolios, and printed workshop materials
- We're also working on establishing connections between prep workshop participants and our 70+ Liberty Mutual attendees (via Slack Channel or other platform) for networking, advice, support, etc. during the conference

Tech Partner


Tech Partner

Employer: Small Shops United LLC

Location: Milwaukee, WI (remote work accepted) United States


Deadline: August 21, 2018

Systems Engineer I


The Systems Engineer I will assist in the development and testing of new and customized software and instruments to be used with in vitro diagnostic tests currently under development. This position reports into the Systems Development team in the Research & Development function. This is a full-time position based out of our Madison, WI offices. All applications must be received through our website, 

Containing Personal Data Processing with the Databox

We are all increasingly the subjects of data collection and processing systems that use data generated both about and by us to provide and optimise a wide range of services. Means for others to collect and process data that concerns each of us -- often referred to possessively as "your data" -- are only increasing with the long-heralded advent of the Internet of Things just the latest example. At the same time, many jurisdictions are implementing regulatory and statutory instruments to govern the use of such data.

Identity-Based Encryption from the Diffie-Hellman Assumption

Abstract: In this talk, I will describe new ideas leading to a construction of identity-based encryption based on the hardness of the (Computational) Diffie-Hellman Problem (without using groups with pairings). This construction achieves the standard notion of identity-based encryption as considered by Boneh and Franklin [CRYPTO 2001]. The presented construction bypasses known impossibility results using garbled circuits that make a non-black-box use of the underlying cryptographic primitives. (Based on joint work with Nico Döttling)


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