Computer Lab Technician (Unpaid)

Title:                          Computer Lab Technician (Unpaid) at the Madison Senior Center

Commitment:            6 months minimum, once a month for a few hours or enough to check in on computers and fix issues relating to public usage.

Position Purpose:      Serve as computer expert to the Senior Center public computer lab.


Responsibilities:        Install and maintain firewalls

                                    Scan computers for virus and malware

Programming Intern

5NINES is an IT Services and products company focused on delivering Enterprise level IT Service Management to the Small to Medium business market. By providing platform and Infrastructure services such as web hosting, virtual infrastructure, VoIP services, Internet Connectivity, IT Security and Managed Services they allow small business to focus on their core competencies and products, not on IT.

Mobile App Developer

A UChicago startup is looking for a developer, to help in building a new media company. The startup focuses on a new, more efficient way to deliver news, in a digestible, reliable, and easy to use format. In the age of fake news and misinformation, we think a time to pursue this has
never been better.

Web Publisher

The Department of Natural Resources is looking to hire 2 LTE positions in our Air Program and in our Water Quality Program. Each position will work 20 hours/week. If selected to fill both positions, the successful candidate could work 40 hours/week.

PBE for Data Wrangling: From program synthesis to intent disambiguation

Programming by Examples (PBE) is a technique in which a user specifies the
desired behavior of a program as a set of input-output examples, and the
synthesizer automatically generates a program that is consistent with the
input-output examples. PBE is an especially useful technique in the domain of
data wrangling and providing input-output examples for data wrangling tasks is
significantly easier than manually writing the programs.


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