Systems Software Engineer, Platform Architecture

Apple’s Platform Architecture group is seeking a systems engineer who will help bridge the gap between Software and Hardware, influencing performance improvements, power efficiency, security, and the programming ease of Apple products.

This is for candidates interested in full-time opportunities only (preferably available to start this spring/summer).

Candidates can apply by emailing Paul Rescigno directly at prescigno [at]

Find full details about the position on the attachment. Location for this position is either Cupertino, CA, or Austin, TX.

Towards a more stable network infrastructure

Abstract: There have been many recent proposals to change the network infrastructure in order to meet different performance objectives. These changes are often difficult to deploy, either requiring specialized network switching hardware or greatly complicating network management. Rather than continuing to add new features to the network in an ad-hoc manner, in this talk, I will present a principled approach for meeting different performance objectives, that leads to a more stable network infrastructure.

Software engineer, full-time

DeepMap is a fast-growing startup company located in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. Our mission is to build revolutionary, high-definition mapping and localization services for self-driving cars. We have top notch engineers from most prominent universities and software companies and are well funded by top ranked VCs. Business Insider ranked DeepMap as top 17 startups launched in 2017 and top 50 startups that will boom in 2018!


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