Computer Systems for the Brain Sciences

Computer systems are vital to advancing our understanding of the brain. From embedded chips in brain implants, to server systems used for large-scale brain modeling, computer systems help shed light on all aspects of brain biology, behavior, and cognition. This talk will show the challenges facing such computer systems. We will discuss the extreme energy needs of hardware used in brain implants, and the challenges posed by the computational requirements of large-scale brain modeling software.

Front End Developer

Zeuss was founded in 2012 to take the path less traveled in pursuit of a bold idea that just
might change the world. Four years later we are a growing, fully funded cash flow positive tech
company made up of energetic, fun, driven, smart individuals who enjoy working with one

App Programmer

Bonfire is a fast growing, Madison based, startup with two UW graduates a
part of our co-founding team. We have an opportunity that we are excited to
share with the UW Computer Science community. We are seeking an
undergraduate or graduate student or group of students who are proficient in
front-end web/mobile application development. We are seeking students with
experience in JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and/or database development. The
project can count as credit or be a freelance project.

Systems Administrator I

TDS Telecom in Madison, WI is looking for smart, driven individuals who share our passion for
technology. Bring your knowledge of Linux and/or networking and we will provide you the opportunity to
apply and expand your skills while directly affecting the technology that powers the products and services of
TDS. We value personal development and highly-motivated individuals.

HCI Seminar: Designing Tools for Remote Communication Between Programmers

Abstract — Communication is a fundamental need in the software developers of all levels of experience. Communication tools can help novice programmers seek help and learning resources. For experienced programmers, communication is fundamental to effective coordination. In this talk, I will present several tools aimed at improving remote communication between programmers. First, Codeon explores ways to provide on-demand remote support through semi-synchronous communication.

A Survey of Four Disease Genetics Investigations using the Personalized Medicine Research Project

The Personalized Medicine Research Project biobank has many features making it an ideal source to conduct human genetics studies including a homogeneous population, rich medical record information, and high density genotype data. The aim of this seminar is to provide an overview of results from four disease genetics studies that my lab has recently conducted.  The molecular pathogenesis of virtually all common diseases remains enigmatic.


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