Epic research assistantships

Research assistantships at Epic provide first-year graduate students who do not have financial aid guarantees with opportunities to design and implement solutions for state-of-the-art commercial health care services. Work on industry-grade software at a leading provider of health care automation services. Epic RAs have Department of Computer Sciences faculty advisers and are hosted on the Epic campus in Verona, Wis., just south of Madison and accessible by Madison Metro bus. Whenever possible, Epic RAs are also provided with shared office space in the computer sciences department.

Each student receives an RA appointment in the CS department, with a stipend and other benefits equivalent to a standard 50% research assistantship. The principal benefits are tuition remission and health care coverage. Any first-year graduate student who has not been guaranteed support in the department is eligible to apply. Each student who qualifies in the application and interview process will be offered an RA position. An Epic RA position requires a 50% time commitment, or an average of 20 hours per week, for the same appointment period as our TAships.

Epic RAships begin each fall, and it is generally beneficial for a student to continue the RAship for a full academic year in order to participate fully in the system design and implementation cycle. However, Epic RAs are free to accept another offer of support after the fall semester if they so choose. Renewing the RAship for a second academic year is also possible in some cases, in consultation with Epic and CS faculty advisers.

Epic RAs are also required to sign a legal agreement regarding the confidentiality of Epic proprietary information and ownership of the software and other intellectual property developed during the project.

About Epic

Epic creates and implements award-winning software for many of the largest health care organizations in the country. It aims to dissolve the informational boundaries that stand in the way of more efficient and safer health care. Epic's client base consists of privately held organizations and public facilities, including universities and local government health care organizations. Epic software is used to care for about 182 million patients across the United States, and it has set records for size, speed and amount of data integration per organization. It is also at the forefront of giving patients access to their own electronic medical records.

How to apply

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as they are interested in receiving an Epic RAship for the fall semester. To apply, fill out the application form linked below and send the form and your CV in a single email to epicra@cs.wisc.edu. Please confirm with your application that you have been admitted to the CS department and that you do not have guaranteed financial aid. Applications for fall 2016 are now open and will be accepted any time up to August 10.

Applications will be accepted at three deadlines: March 15, June 10, and August 10. Applications will be processed as quickly as possible, so early application is always encouraged. All applications received within a deadline described above will be handled soon after that deadline passes, if not sooner.

Selection process

Applicants will receive an email or phone call after applying, no later than a few days after each of the above deadlines. Most applicants will be asked to participate in a phone interview. Soon after the phone interview, an applicant will receive notice of whether he or she is invited to interview in person at Epic headquarters in Verona. The on-site interview will be scheduled on a date that is mutually agreeable to Epic and the applicant. Final decision about the RAship offer will be given soon after the on-site interview.