CS Certificate requirements

Whether you are majoring in a physical, biological or social science, you can enhance your career with a background in computer sciences. The Computer Sciences Certificate is a program designed to deepen and validate your computing savvy for your future career prospects and/or graduate school. Compared to a major in computer sciences, the certificate requires fewer courses and offers more flexibility in course selection. You are eligible to enroll in the Computer Science Certificate program if:

  • you are currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at UW-Madison, and
  • you are not majoring in Computer Sciences, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering


Requirements for the certificate can be found in The Guide.

Note: Students may complete no more than two courses towards the certificate post-baccalaureate as a University Special Student. Courses taken post-baccalaureate as a University Special Student must be completed within three regular academic semesters from the time of degree award (excluding summer) in order to be used towards the certificate.


Students wishing to obtain a computer sciences certificate can declare online.


For further questions, please contact advising@cs.wisc.edu or see us during walk-in advising.