Preparing for and Landing Your Dream Teaching Career after Graduation

Friday, October 27, 2017 -
3:00pm to 5:00pm
2310 Computer Sciences

Speaker Name: 

Allison Sauppe and Peter Ohmann




If your future might include a teaching position at a liberal arts college a teaching-focused position at a university or community college, a faculty position that requires teaching as well as research skills or the growing market for high school CS educators, this workshop is for you! Any CS grad student (MS or PHD) who is curious about a CS teaching career after graduation is encouraged to attend. This workshop will provide information on how to prepare during your years in graduate school. If you are almost on the job market this workshop will provide information on the application process for teaching-focused academic positions. You'll hear first hand from two recent CS alums about their preparation, their job searches and their current positions. You'll also find out about resources offered by the Delta program on campus.

Workshop will be led by CS PhD alumni, Allison Sauppé, Assistant Professor at UW-LaCrosse and Peter Ohmann, Assistant Professor at Xavier University in Cincinnati. There will be a panel discussion with Peter Ohmann, Allison Sauppé, Gerald Soosai Raj, Jim Willliams and Jessica Maher, associate director of the Delta Program on campus.

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