Student Developer


Menominee Dictionary


United States


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Looking for a Student Developer to join the Menominee Dictionary team. This project consists
of several different websites and a database and is used both to assist those who would like to
learn the language and to compile data for research on the language.

Basic Qualifications:
* Pursuing a CS undergraduate or graduate degree or equivalent at UW-Madison
* At least two core CS classes taken
* Strong problem-solving abilities
* Ability to work independently

Preferred qualifications:
* Knowledge of Ruby on Rails development, or desire to learn it. Consideration will be given to
proposals to rewrite the current application if you have significant experience with another web
* Interest in languages/linguistics
* Passion for full-stack web development
* Experience in Javascript, CSS, HTML
* Experience in Unit testing

Student Position Announcement: