CS 407 demo session (Foundations of Mobile Systems and Applications)

Monday, May 8, 2017 -
1:00pm to 5:00pm
CS lobby




Come and see the course projects of CS 407 (Foundations of Mobile Systems and Applications).

Tentative list of demos you will see are:
GonioSense: An application for body joint range of motion measurement
RoomMate: All-in-one roommate communication and personal organization application
Vidi: A video editing app focused on editing an existing video on the device.
Yunji Joo: Video editing application that allows to upload a video from a device and edit.
Pet Hotel: Pet Hotel is aimed to help users to find someone take care of their pets for short term period or users can take care of others` pets.
myFridge: A virtual fridge that generates recipes using the ingredients you enter as well as expiration dates for the food in your fridge.
Pet Bnb: Our group focuses on creating a platform for users to create posts and search posts. All users will find someone to take care of their pets or take care of others` pets for a short-term
Done!: A productivity app that helps people track their tasks and optimize their schedule.
PetHotel(IOSVersion): Social network for pet owners
EaseMorse: Encrypts english message into morse code; decrypts morse codes into english text; plays morse codes out via flashlight, sound beep, vibration.
Pet Hotel: Our app is aimed at helping pets find their temporary "hotels". Pets' owners may travel and need someone else to take care of their pets. Also, it creates a platform for people who want to look after others' pets for a short term.
Adjudicate My Plate: This app will allow users to search for drivers according to their license plate, and leave comments about their driving on pages for these plates.
Trucking Hungry: Trucking Hungry is a mobile application that aims to bridge the communication gap between Food Trucks and Customers by creating a user friendly and reliable interface that aims to keep the user updated on their favorite Food Trucks.
Traily: Create Trails in parks and load trails that others have made
Wisconsin Destination ImagiNation: The application is a modular, lightweight scheduling, announcement, and information program for the Wisconsin Destination ImagiNation organization.
SimpleChess: A simple chess app with multiplayer and AI
Trivia Mania: A multiplayer cross-platform trivia game.
Bookie: Bookie is the fast, easy way for college students to search for used books at their local campus.
jamFly: A collaborative music player so that everyone gets a say!
StockTrader: Trade stocks and gain expertise.

House Escape Game: Our app is a game in which the user is locked in a set of rooms and has to find and use items to escape.
HippieHikes: Contains information on hiking trails, photo galleries, route tracking capabilities
MyFridgePal: Can perform recipe search based on the users flavor or based on the user's ingredients in the fridge
Engineering Calculator: Formerly know as Bouncer, this app has evolved into a calculator for time consuming equations many engineers use regularly.
Falo: Falo helps you meet up with your friends and stay on schedule in a fun social media format
TidyUp: Keep track of chores and earn points for creating them
Flare: Declare an emergency and get help
Madison Bars: The app will take user submitted data and other available data to display approximate line waits.
Mini Mania: A rhythm game.
WRU: This is an app for peer (multiple) location sharing/tracking
Wander: A app to inspire you for your next trip - Use the app to discover what people like to do in new and unexplored areas
ChromeCast Cribbage: Play Cribbage with a ChromeCast in a party setting.
Call Your Reps: Helps users call their local representatives, stay up-to-date on their recent activity, and find their polling place
Blitzr: A social drinking game app with (one currently, but eventually) many mini drinking games to play in a social setting with a group of friends.
SwopShop: Bringing bartering to the digital age
FlashHub: FlashHub is a flashcard application that allows users to create and practice their own flashcards and access public sets that have been created.
Mini Mania: A rhythm game in which a player needs to press the specific buttons for the beat notes that are coming down.