CS Welcome Weekend - Meeting Research Groups

Friday, March 10, 2017 -
4:15pm to 5:00pm
Computer Sciences




Meet with various labs and research groups and ask any questions. Meeting locations for various groups are described below:
Meet the Graphics Lab
Located by the ramp to the lobby on the first floor, stop by the Visual Computing Lab to chat with current graduate students! See computer graphics research in action with live demos of physical simulation of character skinning and fluid simulation, realistic animation techniques, as well as data visualization exploring data across domains such as literature/the humanities, biology, and cognition. Stop by anytime between 1-5pm!

Meet the Architecture and Systems Groups
For prospective students interested in the design and analysis of computer architectures, operating systems, networks, and security. This is also the meeting to go to if you are interested in the WISDOM Group. The Wisconsin Institute on Software-defined Datacenters in Madison focuses on the networking, systems, and security challenges facing cutting edge data centers.
Location: TBA

Meet the Theory Group
For prospective students interested in fields within theoretical computer science such as algorithmic game thoery, computational complexity theory, cryptography, learning theory, and algorithms.
Location: TBA

Meet the Programming Languages and Security Group
For prospective students interested in programming languages, compilers, and related topics.
Location: TBA

Meet the AI Group
For prospective students interested in AI, machine learning, computer vision, biomedical informatics, and computational biology.
Location: TBA

Meet the HCI Lab
At the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, we're interested in designing and developing interactive systems — particularly social agents and robots — and understanding their relationships with people.
Location: TBA