Software Developer


Exact Sciences


Exact Sciences
Madison, WI
United States


Monday, November 30, 2015

Exact Sciences is looking for a software developer to work on a 3-tier distributed system that consists of several different client applications, a WCF web service, a SQL Server database, 50+ robotic pipettors, DNA amplification and absorbance measurement instruments that communicate together to automate and compute the results of Cologuard.  Cologuard is a stool-based molecular diagnostics DNA test that detects colorectal cancer with 92% sensitivity.  The test has been approved by the FDA and Medicare in 2014.  It is currently in production and we foresee processing over 1 million samples per year in the USA.  We are planning to expand globally.

You will join a team of software, electrical,  mechanical, and biomedical engineers.   Exact Sciences is located in Madison, Wis. and was named a "Best Company To Work For" by In Business Madison magazine.

If interested, please send your resume to