Graduate PhD minor in computer sciences


Graduate students in other PhD programs at UW-Madison who plan to minor in computer sciences should consult with a member of the CS Graduate Advising Committee (GAC) early in their graduate program to ensure acceptance of the minor program.

Before the meeting, the student should plan which courses to use for satisfying the requirements, print out the planning form, fill out the parts the student knows, and bring the form along to the meeting. The student and the GAC member will complete the form, which the student then needs to file with the CS Graduate Program Coordinator.


The student must receive 9 credits in computer sciences courses such that the following conditions are all satisfied:

  • All credits counted are for courses numbered 400 or above,excluding CS 400.
  • At least 3 of the credits counted are for a course that involves a significant amount of programming in a structured language, such as C, C++, or Java. All courses that transitively depend on CS 400 meet this requirement.
  • At least 3 of the credits counted focus on an area of CS not closely related to the student's major, as deemed by a member of the Graduate Advising Committee.
  • At least 3 of the credits counted are for a course numbered 700 or above that is not an individual instruction course, was taught by a full-time faculty member in CS, and received a grade on the A-F scale of at least B.
  • At most 3 credits counted are for individual instruction courses.
  • No credits counted are for thesis courses.
  • All credits counted have received a satisfactory grade.
  • The GPA of the credits counted is at least 3.00.
  • All credits counted are taken as a graduate student.
  • No more than 5 credits counted are for coursework completed more than 5 years prior to admission to the Ph.D. program are counted; no credits counted are for coursework taken 10 years ago or more are counted.


Once the minor program is completed, the student should pick up the copy of the planning form from the Graduate Program Coordinator, and bring it to a GAC member, along with the Minor Agreement Form (if any) from the major program as well as the warrant from the Graduate School (obtained through the major program). After verification that the student has satisfied the requirements for a minor in CS, the GAC member will sign all forms. The student then refiles the planning form with the Graduate Program Coordinator, and the other forms with the major program.