Changing your program from the Professional Master's (PMP) to Ph.D.

Students currently enrolled in the Professional Master’s Program (PMP) who wish to change to the academic track in computer sciences (CS) in order to undertake a Ph.D. must fill out an online Add/Change Program form, found on the Graduate School's Forms webpage and submit to the CS Professional Programs Coordinator the following materials:

1. A statement of purpose explaining the reasons for your interest in transferring to the academic track in CS and your previous experiences with our department.
2. A copy of your original application to the PMP.
3. Copies of transcripts for your coursework in the PMP program and for any other coursework performed since the PMP application was submitted.
4. Three letters of recommendation from UW-Madison faculty members, at least two of which must be from faculty members whose primary academic appointment is in CS. Letter writers can email these directly.
5. GRE scores from the original application to the PMP, or later scores if available.

The application and materials will be will be forwarded by the Professional Programs Coordinator to the Graduate Admissions Committee for consideration. Applications must be received by January 1 to be considered for admission in the subsequent fall semester. Applications are not considered at other times of the year, nor for starting times other than fall semester.

International students are responsible for contacting International Student Services (ISS) at UW to discuss any possible effect the change of program might have on the student's immigration status.