Adding a second major in computer sciences (M.S. only)

The Department of Computer Sciences (CS) will consider applications from graduate students--provided they have uniformly excellent graduate records in CS courses--for addition of the CS major, with the intention of completing a second master’s degree, in CS.  (Students intending to get a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences, seeking long-term TA support, or leaving their current graduate program without completing a degree must follow the procedures for “changing major to CS,” outlined in a separate document.)

Students who wish to apply for admission to this program must meet the following conditions:

1. Submit a letter from their major department attesting to their status in that program, indicating in particular the expected completion date for their terminal degree in that program.

2. Have obtained grades of AB or better in at least three CS courses numbered 500 or above in three different areas of computer science. At least one of these courses must be at the 700 level (not including CS 900). All of these courses must have been taught by a member of the CS department faculty.

3. Have two letters of recommendation from CS department faculty members, at least one of which should be from a faculty member whose primary academic appointment is in CS. These letters should attest to the student’s satisfactory performance in CS courses completed to date, and their ability to complete a master’s degree in CS.

4. At least one of the courses meeting requirement #2 must have a significant amount of programming in a structured language. This requirement is waived for those students who have also taken CS 367 (which cannot be counted toward the master’s degree in CS).

5. Provide a completed add/change major form and their student record to the CS graduate coordinator, along with the other application materials described above.

Note that a student in dissertator fee status who is admitted to the CS master's program loses his or her dissertator fee status. Dissertators who add a program or a certificate program must enroll and pay fees as a regular graduate student. This is a Graduate School rule.

Meeting these requirements guarantees that your application will be considered for admission to the program. However, it does not guarantee admission.

Applications for second major M.S. in Computer Sciences are accepted three times during each academic year, with deadlines of (a) one week before the start of classes in the Spring term (for admission in Spring term), (b) the last day of classes in Spring term (for admission in Summer term), and (c) one week before the start of classes in the Fall term (for admission in Fall term).

There are no retroactive admissions. Decisions concerning admissions will normally be made within two weeks of each application deadline.

Students should also check the Graduate School requirements for a double degree. Note that in order to obtain an M.S. in Computer Sciences students must fulfill the requirements stated in the CS Graduate Guidebook.

[Note:  These rules were adopted by a faculty vote on 25 March 2015.]