How to submit a job posting

The department maintains online listings of employment and internship opportunities for undergraduate CS majors and graduate students.  We are happy to list available positions provided certain requirements are met:

  • Ads must be for positions requiring training in computer sciences
  • An application deadline should be specified; if not, the ad will be posted for a maximum of one month
  • We do not post ads from companies or individuals recruiting on behalf of other companies
  • Internships must be for a specified period of time (e.g., summer or one year)
  • To enable our students to apply, application deadlines should be at least two weeks after you send us the listing
  • We attempt to post ads within 3 business days of receipt, but longer delays may occur
  • We reserve the right to refuse to post any ad

Instructions for submitting your listing:

1.  Send your posting in PDF format

2.  State whether the position is for undergrad majors, graduate students, or both

3.  Make sure your PDF contains all the basics:

  • company name, address and website
  • title of position(s)
  • degree(s)/experience required
  • description of primary duties
  • hours per week (full-time or other)
  • how and by when applicants must apply

If an internship is unpaid, that should be specified.  The department may choose not to post listings that lack basic information.

4.  Email your listing to Karen Barrett-Wilt at (Due to the volume of mail we get, we will only respond to your message if we have a question.)  If your organization is an Industrial Affiliate of the department, send your listings to Professor Bart Miller at