Department awards first "golden brick" honors for many unsung but critical tasks

At the Computer Sciences Majors and Awards Lunch on May 4, in addition to the formal awards given out, a number of students, staff and faculty were recognized with new "golden brick" awards in appreciation of the many, often unsung, tasks that go on to keep the department running smoothly and moving forward.  Those recognized were:

Laura Hobbes Legault:  for developing two new courses while teaching a full load

AnHai Doan:  for developing the Professional Master's and Professional Certificate programs

Welcome Weekend Committee, represented by Ross Kleiman

Deb Deppeler:  for her work on CS 302 and service on the curriculum committee as policies and tools evolve

WACM, represented by Mona Jalal, Lena Olsen, and Fatemah Panahi

Andrew Morgan and Bryce Sandlund:  for exceptional performance at ICPC World Finals as part of the UW programming team

Angela Thorp:  as graduate coordinator

Vijay Thiruvengadam:  as SACM member

WES-CS Team Leaders:  Katie Dudenas, Christian Cuevas, Willa Cai, Melanie Loppnow, Margaret Roemer, Aaron Nilsen

Jon Henkel:  for streamlining processes as PMP/PCP coordinator

Learning Center Peer Tutors:  Michael Cook, Leo Rudberg, Matthew Neil, Josh McGrath, Dave Sescleifer

Undergraduate Projects Lab:  John Detter, Nick Heindl, Michael Cook, Leo Rudberg

Mike Swift:  for service as Associate Chair of the department and support of all its teaching activities