UW teams stand out at ICPC regional competition

On Nov. 8, the regional round of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest took place. UW-Madison participated with four full teams (listed below) at a site on the Epic campus. UW-Madison teams placed 1st, 5th, 10th and 30th among the 290 teams in our region. As the top team within a region automatically qualifies for the World Finals, this means that for the 14th year in a row, UW-Madison is advancing to the World Finals. UW-Madison is the only school in North America that can boast this record. The members of the team "Do you even PSPACE?" will head to Morocco in May 2015 to compete.

UW's top team solved all of the problems in less than three hours. Only two other teams in the region managed to solve all problems, and both needed the full five hours of the contest to do so. For more details, visit http://cse.unl.edu/~upe/contest.

Congratulations to all UW participants on their outstanding performance, to Professor Dieter van Melkebeek for leading UW's participation in the competition and serving as coach since 2001, to graduate student Alexi Brooks for his coaching help, and to Epic Systems for running the regional competition site.

UW-Madison programming competitors

UW-Madison teams:

Do you even PSPACE? - 1st place: Andrew Morgan, Bryce Sandlund, Menghui Wang
The Fancy Friends - 5th place: Andy Conklin, Baasanbat Purevjal, Ingkarat Rak-Amnouykit
Code Wizards - 10th place: David Brandt, Zhilin Jiang, Adrian Nazco
ACube - 30th place: Anmol Mohanty, Ashwin Karthi Narayanaswamy, Adam Vander Pas
Out of Bounds - incomplete team: Zhiwei Fan, John Peterson