Need to talk to your data? UW-Madison spinoff is happy to translate

As data becomes too cheap to heave out, a startup from the UW–Madison department of computer science is offering users an opportunity to “chat” with their data.

Instead of arcane codes and obscure formulas, the user speaks to the data in English, with dialogs like, “Show me the machines that are overdue for maintenance for each facility. List sales members with improved year-over-year sales. Show me the median age, median salary and median income for each zipcode and gender category in our market.”

UW-Madison computer science professor Jignesh Patel and Rogers Jeffrey Leo John, a recent graduate student, founded DataChat in June, 2017, with the goal of making it more efficient for businesses to get insights from data.  “We are trying to help business users, who are not necessarily computer scientists or mathematicians, make sense of data by simply having a conversation with the platform,” Patel says. “You can think of it as a software robot that knows how to do data-science functions and automatically understands your intent from the conversation. The robot then carries out the function in real time, producing results you can use, or alter as indicated.”

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