[DB Seminar] X-DB, the Globally-Distributed Database System at Alibaba

Monday, September 17, 2018 -
11:00am to 12:00pm
CS 2310

Speaker Name: 

Demai Ni

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Abstract: Supporting Alibaba business running on hundreds of thousands of nodes, X-DB provides high availability, strong ACID, and horizontal scalability. To support one of the world’s largest and fast-growing e-commerce platform, X-DB manages very large data with innovative storage engine, Paxos-based deployment, and distributed-SQL engine. Fully utilizing new hardware in different areas including storage, network, multi-core, parallel and heterogeneous computing, X-DB co-designs hardware and software and is compatible with MySQL ecosystem. This talk will cover the overview of architecture design, and how technical innovation and business growth drive each other within Alibaba.

Bio: Demai Ni is a Sr. Staff Software Engineer at Alibaba, developing globally-distributed OLTP database X-DB. Previously, Demai was a Principal Software Architect at Huawei American Research Lab, working on distributed cloud-native database LibrA (a MPP DB system), and the founding engineer for its SQL-on-Hadoop ELK. Demai started his professional career in Db2 for z/OS group at IBM, where his responsibilities including query transformation and optimization, and pureXML technology. Demai is also actively in Big Data projects, such as HBase, Hadoop, and Janusgraph. Demai received M.S. in Computer Sciences from UW-Madison, and Bachelor from Tsinghua University.