Raajay Viswanathan PhD Preliminary Exam

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 2:00pm
4310 CS

Speaker Name: 

Raajay Viswanathan

Speaker Institution: 

University of Wisconsin - Madison




Towards Cross-layer Optimizations for Network-bound Applications Deployed in the Cloud

Aditya Akella (advisor)
Steve Wright
Paris Koutris


Most popular web applications currently leverage infrastructure operated by cloud service providers (CSP). From an application's perspective, the CSP has to satisfy a few end-to-end requirements specified in the service level agreement (SLA). E.g, a web page hosted on the cloud can have the following SLA: 95\%ile page load time observed by an end-user should be <250ms.Application developers are typically agnostic to the different components of the cloud ecosystem participating in its delivery since these are owned and managed by the CSP.My research focusses on exploring the potential for cross-system optimization under such a setting.I show that for individual applications with varied requirements (e.g. CDNs, data analytics framework), cross-system optimization is crucial in order to support many users without compromising on application performance guarantees.