MIAOW: An Open Source GPU

Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - 4:00pm
1210 CS

Speaker Name: 

Karu Sankaralingam

Speaker Institution: 

UW Madison




Abstract: This paper describes an open-source GPU implementation. Its contributions are relevant both for industry and academia and include – i) It serves as the first publicly disclosed description of GPU microarchitecture, ii) A performance comparison of an academic open-source design to proprietary hardware products, iii) It contributes toward the emerging trend of open source hardware being driven by initiatives like OpenCompute, OpenPOWER, Arduino, and the Maker movement, and iv) Technical contributions on research case studies on GPU microrarchitecture feasible only with an RTL implementation. ASIC synthesis and floorplan of MIAOW are complete. An FPGA
prototype is complete for demo. The source code is released at https://github.com/VerticalResearchGroup/miaow.

This is a practice talk for Hotchips.