Photo Forensics

Thursday, April 16, 2015 -
5:45pm to 6:45pm
Room 1125, DeLuca Biochemistry Building, 420 Henry Mall

Speaker Name: 

Hany Farid

Speaker Institution: 

Dartmouth College




You are invited to attend a lecture event hosted by the McPherson Eye Research Institute, featuring Dr. Hany Farid (Dartmouth College, Department of Computer Science) talking about Photo Forensics. The issue of photographic trust and forensics currently impacts many areas of science, law, ethics, journalism, law enforcement and finance. The average person's inability to readily distinguish between the real and the fake impacts our relationship with photography and photographers. The field of photo forensics has emerged to help return some trust in photography.

This lecture is free and open to the campus and to the greater Madison community. Sponsored by the McPherson Eye Research Institute and co-sponsored by the Department of Computer Sciences and Life Sciences Communication. Funding courtesy of the Lectures Committee General Fund.