GrammaTech Talk

Monday, April 6, 2015 -
6:00pm to 7:00pm
CS 1240

Speaker Name: 

Evan Driscoll and Denis Gopan

Speaker Institution: 





GrammaTech is an Ithaca, NY-based software company employing a fast-paced and hard-working team of software engineers and scientists who are developing a commercial software called CodeSonar and performing cutting-edge research in the automated software analysis domain.

CodeSonar is an automatic bug-finding tool that employs static analysis to locate security vulnerabilities and reliability problems in large code bases. CodeSonar is used by software developers at companies like Boeing, GE, Hyundai, NASA, Samsung and Sony to improve software reliability and address the growing concern of cyber-security.

Our research projects aim to deliver advanced cyber-security solutions such as DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge. Within these projects we create innovative tools and prototypes spanning the areas of source code analysis, binary code analysis, autonomic computing and software rewriting.

Pizza is provided.