Engineering for a Billion People

Thursday, February 5, 2015 -
4:00pm to 5:00pm

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David Washington

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Building a high-quality operating system is hard, and it’s even harder when you have a sixth of the planet using your product in thousands of different ways. In this session, David Washington, Director of Developer Experience at Microsoft, will walk though his experience as an engineer designing and building Windows 7 and Windows 8. He’ll show you what goes on behind the scenes on a large-scale engineering project and you’ll see unreleased prototypes and architecture explorations for how a feature comes about.

Speaker's bio:
David Washington, a 2004 UW-Madison Computer Engineering graduate, spent nine years designing and engineering Windows. He’s led the teams that built file copy and the Windows Explorer, the end-to-end experience for how Windows 8 scales and adapts responsively across all screens sizes, and the touch keyboard and it’s adaptive language model. Currently he is the Director of Developer Evangelism, where his works to inspire and enable startups, students and independent app developers around the major cities in the Central United States.