Summer Intern (3 month) / Co-op (6 month) in Advanced Deep Learning


Sanofi US


Sanofi US
Bridgewater, NJ
United States


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Deep learning methods have been successful in image recognition, natural language processing and speech recognition.  Recently, Google has shown that it may also succeed in predicting medical events and clinical outcomes. Thus, it is critical for the pharma companies to understand, master and apply these methods to modeling disease progression, estimating heterogeneous drug effectiveness and predicting clinical trial results. For the 2018 co-op and summer internship in Sanofi, the summer intern/co-op will have a great opportunity to work with a fantastic modeling and simulation team on cutting edge deep learning research in health care and clinical trials, e.g. deep learning prediction of clinical outcomes and deep causal inference of treatment effects, and contribute to scientific understanding of diseases, drug benefit risk profiles in the real world setting and optimization of clinical trial designs based on these understanding. Electronic medical records of millions of patients and cloud computing services are available for the summer intern/co-op to build complex deep learning models.

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