Software Engineer (Full stack)


Moxe Health


Madison, WI 53703
United States


Sunday, December 31, 2017

We are looking for a great junior software engineer to join the software development team
at Moxe Health. You will help us build a great new health information network and
clearinghouse to give valuable insights to all parties in the healthcare system. We are an
agile devops team dedicated to delivering quality products for our customers.

If you want to amaze us with your skills as an O-O programmer in C#, Java and other
languages, please apply and get to know us.

You have these required core competencies:
 Solid understanding of object-oriented programming concepts
 Solid understanding of relational database design and querying concepts
 Excellent problem solving, coding and debugging skills
 Familiarity with version control concepts
 Proven ability to develop software in C# and/or Java
 Working experience with software engineering and design concepts

Student Position Announcement: