Systems Adminstrator


Extreme Engineering Solutions


Middleton, WI
United States


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Design and manage servers, workstations and network infrastructure to provide critical information technology services while protecting the company from cyber security threats. Working within a small, dedicated team of IT professionals you will help deploy and maintain cutting-edge technologies for virtualization, high-availability and network security.

Specific responsibilities may include:
• Build, deploy and manage servers using cutting-edge configuration management software.
• Analyze network traffic and usage using powerful SIEM tools to remediate cyber threats.
• Utilize advanced virtualization technologies like KVM and LXD.
• Design custom in-house services using Bash, Python, and PHP.
• Ensure compliance with security standards and maintain system security through installation of patches, updates, and blocking of vulnerable services.
• Perform workstation maintenance, security, support and imaging.

For additional information, please see attached document.

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