Student Hourly Programmer


Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology, UW-Madison


Madison, WI
United States


Monday, October 10, 2016

The Townsend Lab in the Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology is looking for a student hourly programmer. Our research involves the use of spectroscopy, sensors and remote sensing data to image/characterize vegetation in greenhouses, crops and natural vegetation. We write code in Python to automate many of our data processing and analytical activities. We are looking for a motivated student to provide programming support in any/all of following areas: create new functions to fit in existing workflows, port legacy code from IDL/Matlab to Python, optimization, documentation. This will provide the opportunity to develop skills for real-world applications of programming in a research setting. The programs we are developing will be components of a suite of open-source tools that we distribute through GitHub.

Necessary skills:
-Experience with Python
-Commitment to fully commenting code and open-source distribution

Desired skills:
-IDL, Matlab

If you are organized and thoughtful and enjoy hands-on learning, then please send a cover letter and resume to:

Clayton Kingdon:
Attach resume and cover letter in a single PDF and use subject “programmer 2016 LASTNAME”

The position is available to start immediately and is available for the full academic year, pending performance. Full-time work for the summer 2017 may also be available, and can continue into following academic years. The position is available to undergraduate or graduate students.

This research is funded by NASA and is in collaboration with researchers at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Location: Townsend Lab (Environmental Spectroscopy Lab, EnSpec)
Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology, UW-Madison
Russell Labs (1630 Linden Drive)
Title of position: Student hourly
Degree(s)/experience required: engineering student, see above for details on experience/interest
Hours per week: 10-20 hours during semester, as much as fulltime during summer
How and by when applicants must apply:
Please send resume and cover letter in a single PDF file to Clayton Kingdon at with subject “programmer 2016 LASTNAME 2016” by October 10, 2016.