Contract Management System Development Lead


City of Madison, Wis.


Madison, WI
United States


Sunday, August 7, 2016

This is responsible professional, supervisory and administrative work involving the coordination of the City's Contract Management System. This includes:

  • strategic and tactical planning;
  • prioritizing systems projects;
  • promoting the sharing of resources;
  • resolving conflicts in operations;
  • coordinating external collaboration;
  • managing enterprise systems policies and standards; and
  • managing enterprise operations.

This position will provide primary I.T. development and support for complex contract management systems for the City. This is advanced-level professional work in the development or support of automated management information systems. This level is characterized by responsibility for the development and implementation of automated systems and major system components or the development and implementation of support systems and programs, as assigned. This work requires considerable judgment, discretion and expertise in the development or support of highly complex and diverse management information systems. Work will involve team leader responsibility on specific projects, as assigned, and is performed under the general direction of a Principal IT Specialist or Applications Development Manager operating with considerable independence in meeting established objectives.

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