• Kevin Soewondo (BS 2013)

    Although I'm not working in a CS-concentrated field, I'm using my CS skills to support my company. I have a music store and a cafe in Indonesia. Most of the technology related things are made by me:  computer system, website, and supporting software. Thank you, UW-Madison, for the amazing skills. (Learn about Kevin's businesses at www.dmpmusik.com, www.caturraespresso.com and www.caturracommunity.com )


  • Brian Martinson (BS 2012)

    Directly following my time at the UW, I joined Epic as a software developer on the Cupid cardiology product. After a year, I became an R&D Team Lead and managed a group of three developers for a year and a half and was the R&D lead for Epic's anticoagulation module. In November 2014, I left my position at Epic and moved to Silicon Valley to join TreeRing as a senior engineer working on technologies to provide people with collaborative ways to capture their memories and have them professionally printed. TreeRing was the first company to disrupt the yearbook publishing market.

  • Adam Olien (BS 2010, CS and Political Science)

    After graduating in 2010, some friends and I met up to target a need we experienced as students: a smoother apartment search. We founded ABODO Apartments with the goal of putting all of Madison’s apartments on a single searchable map. As CTO, I’ve helped grow the company from 3 employees to over 30 and have overseen our platform's growth to dozens of U.S. cities.

    ABODO is fortunate to employ four UW CS grads, and we’re happy to be growing the company here while helping Badgers find their home.

  • Kevin Lau (2000)

    I'm living in Silicon Valley, working for IBM as a senior development manager for DB2 for z/OS.

  • Damodar Periwal (MS 1983)

    My company, Software Tree, has introduced JDXA, an innovative Object Relational Mapping (ORM) product for the Android platform.  JDXA increases mobile developer productivity tremendously by presenting a simpler and more intuitive object-oriented view of on-device (SQLite) relational data and eliminating the need to write and maintain endless lines of complex low-level SQL code. Recently, I presented JDXA at GDG DevFest 2015 Silicon Valley; here are the slides.

  • Kay Chen (MS 1970, also BS Math 1967)

    I retired in August 2015 after 38 years at Bucks County Community College. Just read about EPIC and remembered Judy Faulkner in my AI class in 1967 as a senior math major, and she was just getting her master's in CS. I have seen a couple of CS alums at Princeton reunions (Bob Korn and Joan S. Adams, otherwise no other recent contacts). My daughter Stephanie got her BSE in CS in 2009 and has worked for Lumosity and is currently with Clever in San Francisco.