CS Certificate requirements

Whether you are majoring in a physical, biological or social science, you can enhance your career with a background in computer sciences. The Computer Sciences Certificate is a program designed to deepen and validate your computing savvy for your future career prospects and/or graduate school. Compared to a major in computer sciences, the certificate requires fewer courses and offers more flexibility in course selection. You are eligible to enroll in the Computer Science Certificate program if:

  • you are currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at UW-Madison, and
  • you are not majoring in computer sciences, electrical engineering, or computer engineering

Preview new requirements, effective Fall 2017

To earn a computer sciences certificate, students must complete five computer sciences courses, each worth at least 2 credits, for a minimum of 12 credits total, including:

  1. Comp Sci 367 (students without substantial programming experience must take Comp Sci 302 as a prerequisite).
  2. At least two courses at the 400 level or above.
  3. Additional courses in Comp Sci, excluding Comp Sci 250, 298, 302, 304, 368, 371, 402, 550, 638 and 699.
  4. Courses taken on pass/fail basis may not be used toward the certificate.
  5. Students may complete no more than two courses towards the certificate post-baccalaureate as a University Special Student. Courses taken post-baccalaureate as a University Special Student must be completed within three regular academic semesters from the time of degree award (excluding summer) in order to be used towards the certificate.

Residence and Quality of Work

  • 2.000 GPA must be earned on all courses meeting certificate requirements.
  • For students who complete the certificate while enrolled in an undergraduate degree-seeking program, at least 7 credits must be completed in-residence.
  • For students who complete the certificate post-baccalaureate as a University Special Student, at least 12 of the credits must be completed in-residence.

Students wishing to obtain a computer sciences certificate should declare the certificate.  Click to learn about declaring the CS certificate.

For further questions, please contact advising@cs.wisc.edu.